Rib Re-Tubing

We are now able to supply a selection of high-quality replacement tube RIB collars in thermo welded PVC and Polyurethane fabrics as well as Hypalon covering most RIB Brands including:

Arimar, Avon, Astec, AB, Atlantic, Bombard, BWA, Duarry, Humber, Highfield, Narwhal, Neuvisa, Sea RIBs, Tornado, Valiant, Williams, Zodiac

The tube design and manufacturing are carried out in line with the ISO 6185 Standard and the Manufacturing system is complemented by the ISO 9001:2008 system certified by Lloyds

Standard features on the tubes include: Bow Cleat, internal & external lifelines, tube re-enforcements, handles, rubbing strake, pressure relief valves and tape fitting kit.

We can customise the colours of the fabric and fittings to your requirements

For further information and a list of Re tubing Centres to quote for installation please contact  01621 744250.

We list below our Guideline Prices for PVC tubes. Please contact us for other sizes.

Note: 20% surcharge for longitudinal seams.

Model number, Serial number and colour will be required for all enquiries

  LENGTH (cm) Guideline PVC Price Including VAT
 380 – 400  £3246
 401 – 450  £3588
  451 – 490  £3895
  491 – 520  £4087
  521 -550  £4381
  551 – 570  £4567
  571 – 620  £5244
  621 – 670  £5832
  671 – 750  £7392